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General Ward and Critical care physiotherapists currently see patients whilst on the ward after referral from the medical team.
Common conditions patients are seen for are: reduced mobility after a fall, mobility assessment after a joint replacement, chest physiotherapy for chest infection, stroke and inpatient rehabilitation.

Maternity ward referrals for abdominal separation, pelvic pain, and continence support are requested by the medical team.
Paediatric referrals for mobility assessment post operatively and for chest physiotherapy are requested by the medical team.

Physiotherapy whilst an inpatient will be ongoing until deemed as no longer required ie mobilising independently on the ward or mobility returned to baseline, chest clear or independently managing chest care, mobility safe and patient confident with same.

Outpatient services
Musculoskeletal Outpatient service for common muscular conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain, limb dysfunction and post-operative follow up after joint replacement. General women’s health conditions such as pelvic pain and continence support is also offered. Referral to any outpatient service comes from your GP, orthopaedic specialist or Allied Health Professionals

Plaster Clinic
For the removal and application of plaster and synthetic casts. Referral is from GP or orthopaedic specialist and must contain information indicating the injury, type of cast required, length of time required, or cast removal date.

Osteo-Arthritis Chronic Care Program
Requirement for all patients that have listed themselves for joint replacement surgery at Bowral and District Hospital. Referral is received when you submit your request for admission. This program assists with management of your condition whilst you wait for your surgery

Specialist Aged Care Team (SpACT)
Outpatient and home based service for those persons over the age of 70. Focus on falls prevention, maximising functional capacity and minimising activity limitation. Outpatient Falls Prevention group sessions are also provided by the SpACT service. Referral to SpACT is through Triple I hub.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Group exercise classes for the best management of Chronic Lung diseases such as COPD. Classes run for 8 weeks with 2 sessions per week. A referral for an initial assessment from a GP or Respiratory Specialist is required.

No referral required. Review of paediatric patients for general development, gross motor milestones, talipes, hip dysplasia and other musculoskeletal concerns

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