Transforming Your Experience


Transforming Your Experience is our five year road map to positively transform how our patients, consumers, staff and communities experience our organisation and services.
The Strategy provides us with a clear direction for working together to deliver safe and quality health services and build the health of our communities – now and into the future.
We developed Transforming Your Experience together with our patients, consumers, staff and the broader community. Over 1,200 people were involved, providing input on the things they believe are fundamental to a positive experience.
The strategy has two key components that will make us successful – ensuring patients are at the centre of everything we do and better supporting staff to be empowered in their roles to achieve their full potential.
Transforming Your Experience is underpinned by four focus areas:

  1. Consistent delivery, safe and quality care
  2. Personalised, individual care
  3. Respectful communication and genuine engagement
  4. Effective leadership and empowered staff.

These areas combined will drive compassionate, personalised and quality care for our patients, carers and communities.


Our Leadership Strategy 2017-2021
Our Leadership Strategy 2017-2021
Our strategy to transform South Western Sydney Local Health District 2017-2021
Our strategy to transform South Western Sydney Local Health District 2017-2021
Transforming YOur Experience: Implementation plan 2017-2021
Transforming YOur Experience: Implementation plan 2017-2021



Transforming Your Experience case study

This patient experience story highlights the exceptional quality of care which we are striving for across all our services and facilities.

My son came to Campbelltown Hospital today and was admitted straight away and seen, for which we are very grateful.

There was a less than satisfactory moment during our visit however I don’t write to you about this. It was picked up by the Nurse Manager, who was doing his rounds and visiting patients and parents. He was very polite and whilst my concerns were more to do with customer service, he was interested and assured me that he would follow up informally.

My second positive experience was that literally passing the Nurse Manager as he walked out of the curtains around to my son was the Director of Emergency Medicine who examined my son and explained what the suspected diagnosis was, and outlined what would happen next.

I must particularly note two other positive experiences. The first was the attention provided by a surgical registrar named Kristy. She examined my son in detail several times and said my son would need to be reviewed by a urology registrar. She rang him and said this could be some time. I understood this.

I was surprised that in less than five minutes a male doctor attended. He examined my son, ruled out what Dr Kristy wanted to check and told me his suspected diagnosis and went on his way.

I would like to just highlight with you that the presence of senior management on the floor gave me the impression that this is a team that has their stuff together. Having them see us personally gave great reassurance.


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