Vision and Strategies

Our Vision

At South Western Sydney Local Health District our vision is Leading care, healthier communities.
Our vision drives our Strategic Directions and all the work we do across our facilities and services.

Our Values

The CORE values are fundamental to provision of health service across NSW and are the foundation stones for building trust.  They underpin all the activities of the District and define how staff and services work together and collaborate with patients, carers, the community and service partners in delivering health care and improving the health of the community.




Working as one team with patients, carers, the community and other service partners



Services are transparent and open and explain the reason for decisions



Everyone involved in patient care or a health project can contribute and their views will be heard, valued and respected



Staff, patients, carers and the community can make choices and influence outcomes. Systems and processes will enable participation, supply necessary information, support delegation and ensure accountability

SWSLHD Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021 (2020 Midpoint Review)

Our new Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021 (2020 Midpoint Review) identifies strategies which will support us to achieve this vision.

Our strategies align with one of our 6 Strategic Directions:

Safe Quality Care

Safe, Quality Care

Our services will be delivered based on the latest clinical evidence and reflect consumer experiences and needs. We will ensure that our health services are consistently safe and of the highest quality.

A Healthy Community

A Healthy Community

Our community will understand how the choices they make impact on their health and will be empowered to make healthy choices. Personal and community safety will be embedded within our programs and services.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships

Our consumers, patients, carers, other service providers and the broader community will be integral to the planning, design and evaluation of our health services and programs.

A Healthcare System for the Future

A Healthcare System for the Future

Our healthcare system will provide innovative and responsive care through investment in new facilities, new services and emerging technologies.

Our People Make a Difference

Our People Make a Difference

Our people are our most important asset. Demonstrating a positive workplace culture, which reflects the CORE values, and where compassionate care is at the forefront, is fundamental to being a leader in health care and an employer of choice.

A Leader in Research and Teaching

A Leader in Research and Teaching

Our reputation in research and teaching will enable us to attract leading academics and researchers and will help foster a culture of continuous learning and reflection for students and staff across all services and disciplines.

To find out more, you can read the full Strategic Plan by clicking on the cover picture below.

Strategic Plan  


SWSLHD produces a range of plans to support us to achieve our vision of Leading care, healthier communities.  Active and recent plans can be obtained on the Publications page.  Plans which are no longer current but provide historical information are available in our Archive.

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