SWS Executives

Amanda Larkin

Amanda Larkin
Chief Executive

Accountable to the SWSLHD Board, the Chief Executive provides strategic leadership and is responsible for the District's sound governance to provide safe, equitable, quality healthcare to the people of south western Sydney.

The Chief Executive is responsible for all the public health services from Bankstown to Bowral from small community health centres and district hospitals to large major referral hospitals.


Nel Buttenshaw
Director, Corporate Governance

The Director of Corporate Governance ensures sound governance and administrative processes are in place to effectively support the District’s Chief Executive and Board to achieve organisational and management objectives. 

The Director is responsible for establishing effective relationships and communication channels with the Board, Executive Leadership Team, senior staff (clinical and corporate) and external stakeholders (including the Ministers’ Offices and NSW Ministry of Health).

The Director also coordinates the Graduate Health Management Program and executive support staff reporting to the Executive Leadership Team.

Josephine Chow

Josephine Chow
Director, Strategy and Partnerships

The Director of Strategy and Partnerships provides leadership in defining the strategic course for the District ensuring a sharp focus on long term strategic priorities and that shorter term plans are aligned with these directions with overall responsibility for the day to day management of the Clinical Innovation and Business Unit.

The Director manages a team of staff in supporting a large number of innovations, major high cost contracts, tenders and model of care redesign.  This position also manages a strategic portfolio, the Affiliated Health Organisations and the ministerial funded non-government organisations; inter-district clinical programs and a large number of strategic partnership projects.

Sue Colley

Sue Colley
Director, Allied Health and Community Services

The Director of Allied Health provides effective clinical and professional leadership to the allied health professions across the District. These professions include: audiology, counselling, diversional therapy, music therapy, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, orthoptics, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychology, social work, speech pathology and welfare.  It also supports pharmacy for some professional functions. Allied Health work within all facilities and services across SWSLHD.

The Director is also responsible for developing and implementing a framework for continuous improvement in the quality of service and practice, workforce planning and effective people management strategies and processes in order to support excellent patient care and a safe , supportive work environment.


Grant Isedale
General Manager, Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals

The General Manager is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the hospitals. Campbelltown Hospital is a major metropolitan group B1 hospital and Camden Hospital is a District Group C1 hospital providing a range of services at mainly role delineation level 5 and administered under a joint management structure with Campbelltown Hospital, providing acute services at mainly role delineation level 3.

The General Manager will lead Campbelltown Hospital through a $632 million redevelopment which will provide many enhancements for the community including paediatric services, mental health and acute services.

Brenda Gillard

Brenda Gillard
Director, Clinical Governance

The Director of Clinical Governance is responsible for establishing, directing and managing the District's Clinical Governance function to promote and support patient safety and clinical excellence within health services.

The Director provides high level expert advice to the Chief Executive on all clinical governance issues and works collaboratively with other members of the District and Facility Executive to analyse, maintain and improve patient safety and clinical quality systems across the District.

Claire Jones

Dr Claire Jones
Director, Mental Health

The Director of Mental Health is responsible for the delivery of Mental Health Services and provides strategic direction in planning for the future of the Mental Health Services in the District.

The Director of Mental Health is responsible for the operations of the Mental Health Services to ensure effective utilisation of available resources and that quality services are provided to a high standard and in line with the priorities set out in the fifth National Mental Health Plan and the Mental Health Commission’s Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014 – 2024.

Michael Dickinson

Michael Dickinson
A/Director, Information, Communication and Technology

The Director ICT provides leadership and vision that drives innovation and digital health service delivery for the District. Digital health is key to the delivery of safe patient care and is fostered through clinical and consumer involvement when developing and implementing high-level strategic planning that is also in line with NSW Health and eHealth strategic directions, together with the District’s strategic and operational plans.

Bridging the gap between technical and clinical teams ensures we provide systems and technologies that enable clinicians and consumers to communicate and access the information they need to deliver high-quality, effective and efficient care. This includes implementing and enhancing the use of virtual care, electronic medical records, digital operating theatres, digital enabled redevelopments, cyber security, digital health policy, ICT operations, enterprise architecture, service desk, telecommunications and web development.

Sonia Marshall

Sonia Marshall
Director, Nursing, Midwifery & Performance

The Director of Nursing provides effective leadership to the nursing and midwifery professions across the District. The Director is also responsible for developing and implementing a framework for continuous improvement in the quality of service and practice, safeguarding high standards of care, encouraging excellence in clinical practice and innovation through promotion of clinical governance, education and research and support effective patient flow, appropriate utilisation of hospital care settings and development of ambulatory and community-based health services

The Director of Nursing and Midwifery ensures workforce planning and effective people management strategies are in place that attract, recruit, develop and retain quality nursing and midwifery staff to provide excellent patient care to the community served by the District.

Karen McMenamin

Karen McMenamin
General Manager, Liverpool Hospital

The General Manager of Liverpool Hospital is responsible for the strategic and operational management of Liverpool Hospital, which is principal referral group A1 hospital, providing tertiary level care at mainly role delineation level 6.

The General Manager manages and leads a team of engaged and passionate Directors; and oversees the management of approximately 4700 staff members that work to keep Liverpool Hospital running.


Dr Brett Oliver
Director, Medical Services


Peter Rophail

Peter Rophail
General Manager, Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital

The General Manager of Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital is responsible for planning, directing and managing the total operations and resources of the facility.

The General Manager ensures the effective and efficient provision of high quality health services within the Bankstown Local Government Area and tertiary referral services in line with the District’s corporate plan, organisational objectives and NSW Health policy direction.



Damian Harrington
Director, Capital Works and Infrastructure

The Director of Capital works and Infrastructure oversees all aspects of strategic service planning, delivery, management, governance and leadership of the District’s sites and facilities.

This includes capital works projects (major and minor), facility and asset management, engineering, fire services, biomedical engineering and planning (strategic, clinical and corporate).

The Director also oversees redevelopment projects within the District, which include approximately $3 billion of works at Campbelltown, Liverpool, Bankstown and Bowral Hospitals and a number of joint ventures.

Dimetrious Palamidas

Dimetrious Palamidas
Director, Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for the planning, monitoring and reporting of the District's financial resources.

This includes budget development, financial advice on new programs and activities and the financial implementation of National Health Reform and activity based funding.

The Director is also responsible for ensuring appropriate policies and controls are in place to safeguard the District's assets and finances.

Rebecca Leon

Rebecca Leon
Director, People and Culture

The Director of People and Culture provides effective leadership through a People and Culture framework that supports employees throughout their time with the District.

Through effective workforce planning and people management strategies, the Director ensures strategies and systems are in place to attract, recruit, develop and retain quality staff who provide excellent patient care to the south western Sydney community.

Key portfolios include staff wellbeing and support services; Aboriginal workforce services; staff health; human resources; industrial relations; human resource support services; organisational development, culture and diversity; education and training; workers compensation; and work health and safety.

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