Your Right to Information & Access to Services

The SWSLHD’s vision is to provide a healthcare service that is patient focused, equitable and responsive to the changing and developing needs of the communities in south western Sydney.

Knowing how your local health district works can help you to find and use services, develop a relaxed and working relationship with health staff. If you wish to speak to someone about your hospital experience you can contact the Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) on the ward or speak to the Patient Liaison Officer (PLO) to provide compliments, complaints and general feedback about care and access to services.

Transforming Your Experience is our district five year road map to positively transform how our patients, consumers, staff and communities experience our organisation and services. The Strategy provides us with a clear direction for working together to deliver safe and quality health services and build the health of our communities - now and into the future.

Click here for the list of hospitals and community health facilities within our LHD to speak to a
Patient Liaison Officer or Aboriginal Liaison Officer. For more information visit SWSLHD page.

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Privacy and Personal Information

Your Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Your Right to Information



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