SWSLHD Carers Program

The Carers Program was established in 2003, funded by the NSW Health Department with the aim ‘to provide professional support (to carers) in the public health system and initiate strategies at the local level to improve the responsiveness of the public health system to the needs of carers’.

Our mission is to foster a local health district that supports and includes carers by: raising awareness amongst SWSLHD staff and residents about carers and their role, promoting the contribution of carers in all their diversity, supporting the improvement of access and service delivery to carers; supporting the enhancement of carer wellbeing, promoting an environment that supports the caring role and; advocating for carers at an organisational level.

The Carers Program is responsible for:

  • Assisting health staff recognise the practical needs of carers and to respond in a professional and friendly manner. 
  • Educate health staff about engaging with carers as partners in care and available supports and services. 
  • Promote carer participation in the planning, design and delivery of services.
  • Provide information and resources for health staff and carers on a range of topics to improve knowledge and promote carer wellbeing.

Work carried out by the Carers Program is aligned with the:


Katrina Elias
Carers Program Coordinator
Mob: 0477 384 643

Helen Zahra
Carers Program Officer
Mob: 0476 801 022

Postal Address:

SWSLHD Carers Program
Level 1, Camden Hospital
Menangle Road
Camden NSW 2570

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