Who is a Carer?

The term 'Carer' is frequently used to describe people in paid employment or volunteer work. However, people undertaking these roles in a formal capacity, whether paid or unpaid, are protected under organisations duty of care and workplace health and safety.

The definition of a 'Carer' used here is a legislated term that clearly establishes who carers are.

A Carer is a family member, partner or friend or neighbour that provides ongoing unpaid help to someone who needs it because of they have a:

  • Medical condition (including a terminal or chronic illness
  • Disability
  • Age related frailty
  • Mental Illness

The person providing the most care is often called the 'Primary Carer' or 'Main Carer'.

Carers are all different - they come from all cultural backgrounds, can be of any age or gender. Caring may involve a few hours assistance per week through to sustained 24 hour care. It may also involve balancing paid work or studies with caring responsibilities.

An individual is not a Carer in respect of care, support and assistance that they provide:

  • Under contract of service or a contract for the provision of services; or
  • In the course of doing voluntary work for a charitable, welfare or community organisation; or
  • As part of the requirements of a course of education or training.

Carers can work with health staff so that they can provide the best care for the person they care for by:

  • Making themselves known to health staff;
  • Providing their name and contact details and ensuring that it is noted in the patient's medical record;
  • Ensuring that the patient permission for the Carer to obtain information is noted in the medical record by staff;
  • Providing the name and contact details of the legal guardian, person responsible and/or authorised representative for the patient (where they are not the Carer) when the patient cannot provide these details.
  • Letting the staff know that they need more information regarding the medical condition of the person they care for; and/or
  • If they need help at home to support the person they care for e.g. (transport, personal care, domestic care, medication management etc.)

Carers Factsheet

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