Building a good relationship with your doctor

In your caring role a good working relationship with your doctor and the doctor of the person you care for can make your caring role a lot easier. General Practitioners (GPs) have different communication styles and it may take time to find a GP that suits you and the person you care for. 

Helpful Tips when seeing the GP

  • Think ahead about what you want to discuss or know
  • Write down your concerns before the appointment
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Ask about all options 
  • Do they make house calls?
  • Do they bulk bill?

Accessing a GP after Hours

Health Direct Australia provides the After Hours GP Helpline which is useful for medical advice when you cannot access your usual GP and are not sure what to do. The GP Helpline is available throughout Australia and is open nights, weekends and public holidays. Health Direct Australia also manages the 24-hour health advice line and online directory for finding pharmacies and other health providers in your local area.

After Hours GP Clinics 

Are located across South Western Sydney and are suitable options for non-emergency consultations:



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