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Breast Service Referrals

All patients must be referred to an individual clinician or head of the service. New patient referrals will be assessed using a collaborative approach by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and placed with the correct specialty. To assist in placing the patient appropriately, the following information is helpful:

The urgency and clinic allocation are determined by referral content. If you are concerned with the appointment time allocated to your patient, please phone the Patient Registration Clerk or call the Breast Service Nurse Coordinator.

Breast services are available in four locations. To refer your patient, send a referral, results or reports by fax or mail to your nearest service.

Required Investigations

A completed signed referral form including current medication list

Mammogram +/- Ultrasound, films, CD, X Ray films and reports

Operation notes plus histopathology (if applicable)

Test results - e.g. histopathology-of core biopsy, blood test (if applicable)


Location Liverpool Bankstown Macarthur

Multi-disciplinary Clinic Times

Monday 4.00pm - 5.30pm

Tuesday 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Thursday 12.00pm - 1.00pm

Registration Address

Patient Registrations
Cancer Services
Locked Bag 7103
Liverpool BC NSW 1871

Patient Registrations
Cancer Services
Eldridge Road
Bankstown NSW 2200

Patient Registrations
Cancer Services


Ph: (02) 8738 5180
Fax: (02) 8738 9819

(02) 9722 8606
(02) 9722 8611

(02) 4634 4355
(02) 4634 4311

Breast group Chair

On Rotation quarterly

Dr Sandra Harvey

Dr Mei Yap

Nurse Coordinator

Pharmila Sapkota
Ph: (02) 8738 8447

Samantha Burns
Ph: (02) 9722 8528
Mob: 0472 837382

Ph: (02) 4634 4399
Fax: (02) 4634 4350

Medical Oncology

Dr Kelly Mok
Dr Eugene Moylan
Dr Bavanthi Balakrishnar

Dr Sandra Harvey
Dr Ray Ashgari
Dr Clara Lee
Dr Ash Malalasaker
Mr Mohsen Shafei

Dr Diana Adams
A/Prof Stephen Della-Fiorentina
Dr Belinda Kiely
Dr Annette Tognella

Radiation Oncology

Dr Miriam Boxer
Professor Geoff Delaney
Dr Karen Lim
Prof Shalini Vinod
Dr Trang Pham

Dr Miriam Boxer

Dr Mei Ling Yap
Dr George Papadatos
Dr Kim-Lin Chiew


Dr Annabel Goodwin




Astrid Przezdziecki

Mariad O'Gorman

Ms Mey Teoh





For more member contact information, select CanRefer links below:

CanRefer Members Contact Links




Surgical Oncology

Dr Aashit Shah
Dr Scott D'Amours
Dr Lucia Saliba
Dr Richard Lee

Dr Davendra Segara
Dr Patsy Soon
Dr George Kourtesis
Dr Simon Yarrow
Dr Emma Clout
Dr Ruben Cohen

Dr Eddie Lim
Dr Andrew Ong
Dr Kathryn Stewart
Dr Heidi Wong
Dr Earl Abraham


Dr Kasim Ismail
Dr Alar Enno

Dr Leo Santos

Professor Jim Yong


Dr Elizabeth Lazarus

Dr Seymour Atlas
Dr Jeffrey Sacks
Dr Diana Tran


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