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Chronic Cancer Pain management - a Multi-disciplinary approach

Management of chronic pain has become multimodal (pharmacotherapy, psychological approaches, physical approaches, practical educational and interventional procedures) and multidisciplinary, with emphasis on a range of strategies aimed at maximising pain reduction, improving health-related quality of life, independence and mobility.

Successful long-term management requires the use a range of specialist treatments, which are administered by a multidisciplinary team to ensure delivery of treatment that is tailored to individual patient needs. Our referral criteria helps to identify which patients will benefit from this multidisciplinary approach, and includes patients who have not responded to initial therapy, or who have important levels of psychological, physical and/or social dysfunction.


Liverpool / Macarthur

Multi-disciplinary Team Meeting

11.30 - 12.30pm 3rd Thursday of every Month

Registration Address

Patient Registrations, Oncology Services
Locked Bag 7103
Liverpool BC NSW 1871


Ph: (02) 8738 9800
Fax (02) 8738 9819

MDT Group Chair

Dr Eugene Moylan ( Medical Oncologist)

Nurse Coordinator

Ph: 0439813807

Oncology Nurse Coordinator

Hei Lan Byun 0439813807

Medical Oncology

Dr Eugene Moylan, Weng Ng

Radiation Oncology

Dr Allan Fowler
Professor Geoff Delaney
Karen Lim
Mark Lee
Mark Sidhom
Michael Barton
Miriam Boxer

Palliative Care Specialists

Dr Jennifer Wiltshire
Dr Rebecca Strutt
Rajesh Aggarwal
Dr Amanda Fernando
Dr Thang Du Huynh
Dr Eve Lyn Tan
Dr Desi Seccombe
Dr Vahid Mohabbati


Dr Renata Bazina
Dr Balsam Darwish
Dr Michael Kernohan


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