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All patients must be referred to a hepatologist who can co-ordinate the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) care of Liver cancer patients.

The urgency and clinic allocation are determined by referral content. If you are concerned with the appointment time allocated to your patient, please phone the gastro and liver department or the Hepatology Service Nurse Coordinator.

To refer your patient; send a referral, results or reports by fax or mail to your nearest service (see below).

To assist in placing the patient appropriately, the following information is helpful:

Primary Liver cancer and chronic HepB Fact Sheet for GPs

Patient information for Liver cancer can be found here.


Initial Investigations

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Liver Cancer should be referred to an MDT specialist within one week

  1. Tumour Markers - CA 19.9, AFP
  2. HBV and HCV serology (HBsAg, anti-HCV antibody), LFT's,
  3. Ultrasound of liver and renal function
  4. Multiphase CT Scan Abdomen or MRI
  5. Biopsy not required prior to




Multi-disciplinary Clinic Times

Monday 0745

Registration Address

Dept Gastroenterology, Liverpool Hospital
Locked Bag 7103
Liverpool BC NSW 1871


(02) 8738 7938
(02) 8738 4074

Liver group Chair

A/Prof Miriam Levy

Nurse Coordinator

Phone 8738 7938
Elisabeth Stratton
Raji Joseph
Julie Coppock

Medical Oncology

Dr Weng Ng
Dr Aflah Roohullah

Radiation Oncology

Dr Mark Lee
Dr Meredith Johnston

Surgical Oncology

Dr Amitabha Das
Dr Kheman Rajkomar
Dr Frank Wang

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

A/Prof Miriam Levy
Dr Scott Davison
Prof Nick Shackel
Dr Emilia Prakoso

Interventional Radiology

Dr Glen Schlaphoff
Dr Ryan Rudolph
Dr Jules Catt
Dr Amineh Nick Nahad Gharmakher
Tracy Cordes

Radiology Dr Nira Borok
Social Work

Cecilia Calnan

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