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All patients must be referred to an individual clinician. New patient referrals will be assessed using a collaborative approach by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and placed with the correct specialty. To assist in placing the patient appropriately, the following information is helpful:

The urgency and clinic allocation are determined by referral content. If you are concerned with the appointment time allocated to your patient, please phone the Patient Registration Clerk or call the Nurse Coordinator. To refer your patient, send a referral, results and reports by fax or mail to your nearest service.

Required Investigations

Pelvic ultrasound (trans - vaginal)

Routine bloods and tumour marker tests(Ca 125 & Ca19.9)
Chest x-ray

Contrast - enhanced CT scan

Other investigation may be considered, - phone our triage nurse for further advice

Ovarian Cancer Referral Pathway

Referral Criteria

The Risk of Malignancy Index (RMI) when used in the presence of a pelvic mass is a useful triage tool to determine those women who should be referred to a gynaecological oncologist.

Criteria Scoring system Score
Menopausal status
Premenopausal 1
Postmenopausal 3 A(1 or 3)
Ultrasonic features
Solid areas No feature = 0
Bilaterality One feature = 1
Ascites > 1 feature = 3
Metastasis B (0, 1 or 3)
Serum CA125 Absolute level (U/ml) C
Risk of Malignancy Indes (RMI) A x B x C
A cut off value of 200 is used to discriminate benign from malignant ovarian masses, with a sensitivity of 87% and a specificity of 97%.

For more information on the RMI, visit


Liverpool / Macarthur

Multi-disciplinary Clinic Times

Thursday 4.00pm - 5.30pm Weekly

Registration Address

Patient Registrations, Cancer Services
Locked Bag 7103
Liverpool BC NSW 1871


Ph: (02) 8738 9800
Fax (02) 8738 9819

GynaeOncology Chair

Dr Felix Chan

Nurse Consultant

Belinda Zielony
(02) 8738 5203 Pager: 25214

Surgical Oncology

Dr Felix Chan
Dr Murad Al-Aker

Medical Oncology

Dr Diana Adams
Dr Michelle Harrison
Dr Sandra Harvey

Radiation Oncology

Dr Megan Berry
Dr Karen Lim
Dr Viet Do

Clinical Psychologist

Maraid O'Gorman

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Colposcopy/Dysplasia clinic


Abnormal pap smear (according to national guidelines.

Vulval, cervical or vaginal lesion or vaginal bleeding suspicious for malignancy

Please provide a copy of the referral smear, or the last smear result if known.

For more information on the RMI, visit

Optimal care pathway for women with Ovarian Cancer
Optimal care pathway for women with Endometrial Cancer

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