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Situated in one of Australia's rapidly growing economic hubs, South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) thrives as a vibrant, culturally diverse community, home to over 1.1 million residents. With hospitals spread across Bankstown-Lidcombe, Bowral, Liverpool, Fairfield, Camden, and Campbelltown, our district offers a comprehensive array of services, including Mental Health, Drug Health, Community Health, Population Health, and Schedule 3 facilities like Braeside and Karitane.

Renowned as one of the leading recruiters of new graduate nurses, our district boasts a dedicated support program across all our facilities. For aspiring Nursing and Midwifery students, information about our Transition to Professional Practice Program and Transition to Mental Health Nursing is available HERE.

Within our facilities, nurses and midwives encounter a dynamic range of experiences, from the adrenaline rush of emergency care to the precision of perioperative nursing, the intricacies of intensive care, the challenges of mental health, and the intimacy of midwifery group practice and community nursing. With a workforce exceeding 7200 professionals, we cater to patients of all ages, from neonatology to gerontology.

Every year, our dedicated midwives welcome over 11,000 newborns into the world, providing comprehensive antenatal and postnatal care. Our district prides itself on offering modern birthing rooms and water immersion options for labor and delivery across most facilities.

At SWSLHD, we prioritise ongoing learning and professional growth through our Education and Organisational Development Service. Through this service, we foster collaborative partnerships with universities, colleges, and public and private agencies to enrich learning opportunities for our staff.

To further support professional growth, we provide incentives for postgraduate studies, including scholarship arrangements for Masters Programs and Post Graduate education in collaboration with esteemed institutions like the Australian College of Nursing. Wherever possible, we facilitate workplace release to enable attendance at these programs.

Curious to hear firsthand experiences from our nurses and midwives? Check out our short videos showcasing their stories.

For those interested in joining our vibrant team, visit our recruitment home page for current opportunities.

Welcome to Southwestern Sydney Local Health District, where every day presents new opportunities to make a meaningful impact in healthcare.

To help you kickstart your career at SWSLHD, we offer effective online resources, including the GradStart Nurses' Survival Guide.






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