Research and Ethics Office

How to Apply

How to apply

Before submitting a new application to the Research and Ethics Office and if you are not sure what level of risk your project is (i.e. should you complete a Low Risk HREA or a Greater than Low Risk HREA, we initially recommend that you fill in a Decision Aid. The Decision Aid will determine the level of risk the project is and which application you should complete.

NOTE: The National Statement (document that governs the Ethical principles in Australia and is used by the Ethics Committee in reviewing applications) has been updated in 2018. Further information in relation to the update can be found at

Please note a Site Specific Application (SSA) form, for all SWLSHD sites, must also be completed when you apply for either an LNR or NEAF application. 


Step 1 - Decision Aid:
  • Complete the Decision Aid form
  • Email the Decision Aid to with subject line: Decision Aid Review.
  • The Research and Ethics Office will email you back with a decision regarding what type of application you should fill in.
 Step 2 - Ethics Application and SSA Application (please submit in parallel):
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