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Greater than Low Risk Application Form - HREA

Please use the following guidelines when completing your application:
3. Protocol template
We recommend that you use the SWSLHD Protocol Template to create your Protocol. Your Protocol should be completed before you start your Ethics Application. If you would like to Research Office to conduct a pre-review of your draft Protocol before formal submission, please email your Protocol and other study documents to We have found that a pre-review streamlines the Ethics review process. Please click here to download the Protocol Template
4. Submitting your Ethics Application and SSA on REGIS
Please use REGIS to submit your Ethics and SSA applications. Online Forms applications are no longer acceptable.
For further guidance, we strongly recommend that you read and follow the REGIS Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) found at

There are QRGs for each step of the application process, such as:

Ethics - Completing and Submitting the Application

Responding to a Request for Information

Create a new site application

Completing SSA Application & Requesting Head of Department Support

Submitting Site Application after Head of Department Declaration

Sharing access to an application/project

REGIS - Greater Than Low Risk Application Form - HREA 
* Please note that a research study can not commence without site authorisation. We suggest that you contact the office to review your draft application before final submission.

5. Participant Information Statements (PIS) and Consent Form (CF) (if applicable to your study)
We recommend that you use our templates as this will reduce the chance of missing any important information that is required for Ethics Approval.
Please click here to download the PIS and CF Templates

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