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Professional Development

Professional Development Day

The PDD is an off-site annual training day for basic physician trainees. The focus is on helping BPTs to prepare themselves both individually and as a cohesive cohort for the RACP Basic Training Program.

Basic Physician Trainees enter the RACP program as residents and most as PGY 3 become medical registrars. It is well known that little training is provided on how to make the transition from resident to registrar. On the day we teach BPTs in an environment outside of the hospital (Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour is our favourite), on how to prepare themselves as integral doctors in the hospital, as well as other critical skills in self-care.

The day focuses on the following:

  1. Teach BPTs how to take an effective history, document what is needed properly and execute an appropriate plan for newly admitted and current inpatients
  2. Challenge the trainees to work together in the non-clinical setting
  3. Provide skills on mindfulness and self-care
  4. Reflect on goals and develop methods to achieve these

During the day there are talks from Directors of Education, Clinical Superintendent and a corporate professional lifestyle coach. After lunch we have an outdoor team building exercise conducted by Thrill Events.

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