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The Network recognises the hard work of all the BPTs, who provide vital and high quality care for the patients of South West Sydney. In 2015, two awards were created for this purpose, The Physicians’ Physician Award and The Academic Award. In 2017, the former was renamed The John Moutzouris Physicians’ Physician Award in honour and memory of John who had been awarded both Awards as a final year BPT.

The Academic Award Criteria: The successful recipient of the award will be the trainee who scores the highest cumulative mark in the written and clinical exam in the same year. The marks will need to be submitted to the PTU in the form of the original letter from the RACP. If there is more than one candidate that shares the highest cumulative mark the award will be shared.

The John Moutzouris Physicians' Physician Award Criteria: The successful recipient of the award should have all or most of the key attributes listed below. This award will be based on nominations from any Staff Specialist/VMO of the Liverpool, Fairfield or Tweed Hospitals.

Key Attributes: Trustworthy and honourable character, respected by those in the hospital community, dedication to the physician training pathway, leadership in the training program, educator, teacher and mentor and willingness to assist colleagues, other staff or the hospital

  Academic Excellence Physicians' Physician
2015 Dr Charbel Bejjani Dr Jessica Lai
2016 Dr John Moutzouris Dr John Moutzouris
2017 Dr Anthony Huynh Dr Viet Dang
2018 Dr Laura Willmann Dr David Martens
2019 Dr David Ferreira Dr David Ferreira


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