Consumer and Community Participation

Consumer and Community Framework


The Framework identifies a range of commitments to the implementation of participation partnerships between SWSLHD, its services and the communities. The flexible yet formal structure provides guidance to all health services and consumer/community representatives within SWSLHD in undertaking consumer and community participation.

There is growing evidence to support the commitment to consumer and community participation results in improved health care for consumers and promotes a transparent and accountable health service that includes consumers, carers and communities in the planning and evaluation of its services.  Through participation and sharing their views and perspectives, consumers and community members make a valuable contribution to SWSLHD and strengthen links between the health services and communities.

Community participation is the practice that embraces a philosophy of 'working with' rather than 'doing to' people.  Community participation is the involvement of consumers and carers in decisions about individual health care, as well as the involvement of consumers and communities in decisions about the provision of health care services.

Committing to Community

The District celebrated the invaluable contributions of the community by launching its fifth Consumer and Community Participation (CCP) Framework (2016-2019), which embraces a philosophy of 'working with' rather than 'doing to' people.

2016 SWSLHD Framework Launch Gallery

Community Participation Framework - PDF

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