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The SWSLHD Consumer and Community Participation (CCP) Unit engages with health consumers, community, carers,  and agencies to ensure the voices, issues, concerns and ideas of the SWS community have an opportunity to working in close partnership with the LHD. The LHD oversees a long established strategic unit to oversee local facility / hospital networks, each formally supported by CCP Managers. Together they strive to provide engagement and participation at all levels, to ensure high quality health services are provided in SWS.

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We invite you to look at our CCP framework which gives the history, structure, examples and lots more details  about the commitment the SWS LHD has to the community

The following is from the Framework

"The aims of community participation in SWSLHD are to ensure that:

  • the health service involves consumers, carers and the community in planning, delivery and evaluation of services;
  • local communities are well informed about local and area health service issues and priorities; and
  • there is transparency and accountability in the health service decision-making and evaluation.

SWSLHD is committed to involving consumers, carers and community members at all levels of the organisation through a range of processes to enable an empowered and coordinated voice to be included in decision-making.

SWSLHD will achieve this by:

  • working in partnership with  consumers, community and both health and non- health services;
  • building the capacity of the staff and the organisation to undertake consumer, carer, and community participation - from the level of individual care to the level of system changes;
  • providing and integrating structures and processes for participation in all aspects of policy development, health service planning and quality improvement processes;
  • providing resources to ensure that community participation occurs equitably throughout the area;
  • providing information to our communities;
  • promoting, supporting and developing the capacity of community members to participate in health service planning, delivery and evaluation;
  • ensuring those involved in participation reflect the diversity of the SSW population;
  • encouraging innovative approaches to participation;
  • training and supporting staff to undertake community participation; and creating an open, transparent and accountable organisation"


For further information please contact CCP Unit Manager Lynda Johnston on 0408 969 127


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