While you are in Hospital

When you arrive

When you arrive at the Hospital, your nurse will collect information from you or your family to help us determine the most appropriate treatment during your stay. Your nurse can answer any questions you or your family may have, so don't hesitate to ask questions or tell us how you feel at any time. Your doctor will also let you know when you can expect to be discharged, so you can plan any ongoing care that may be required when you get home.

Please advise your nurse if you would like a specific person to discuss your condition with medical staff. Information is generally only given to your next-of-kin unless you advise otherwise. To help us provide the highest level of care to patients, please ask other relatives and friends to contact your next-of-kin or support person rather than approaching staff directly.

During your stay

While you are in Hospital During your stay, you may have regular meetings with a number of doctors, nurses and allied health staff such as physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, dieticians and pharmacists. Although meeting so many people can be confusing, rest assured your health care team will work together to provide you with the best quality care possible.

Find out what you will need in Hospital.


We will provide you with all medications during your Hospital stay. If you have brought your own medication, please give them to a relative to take home after they have been reviewed by your doctor, or to the ward nurse for safe-keeping until you are discharged. It's very important that you don't take any medication while in Hospital without the knowledge of your doctor, including any alternative therapies, as this may affect your treatment and recovery.


The dietician assistant will visit you each morning to help you select your meal choices for the day from the Hospital menu. Find out more about meals at Liverpool Hospital.


We recommend limiting your visitors to four at a time during your stay, for the comfort of yourself and other patients. We urge all visitors to wash their hands before and after their visit, to reduce the transfer of infections. Find out more about visiting hours at Liverpool Hospital.

Photography and filming

For the comfort, safety and privacy of other patients, please ask staff before using personal cameras or recording devices within the Hospital.


Letters or cards to Hospital patients can be addressed as follows:

Patient's Name
Ward or Unit (where known)
Liverpool Hospital
Locked Bag 7130

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