Community Engagement

The Fairfield Consumer and Community Participation (CCP) Network engages with health consumers, community, carers, and agencies to ensure the voices, issues, concerns and ideas of the Fairfield community have an opportunity to work in close partnership with the Local Health District (LHD). We invite you to look at our CCP framework which gives the history, structure, examples and lots more details about the commitment the SWS LHD has to the community.

Fairfield Hospital is committed to its Community Engagement and works on the foundation that the Hospital is part of the community and the community is part of the Hospital. Fairfield Hospital has built a reputation in the District as community leaders and champions with its commitment to engaging the Fairfield Community.

The Annual Open Day is also a great example of our Community Engagement. It’s a day where the Hospital opens its doors to the local community, agencies and schools to learn about the Hospital, its services, products and career opportunities.

Fairfield Hospital in partnership with its numerous network and communities promotes many health calendar events during the year. The Consumer Participation Manager engages with the community via numerous health events throughout the year including: “Seniors Week”, “Close the Gap, ”ANZAC day”, “April Falls Week”, “World Hygiene Day”, “Refugee Week”, “Sorry Day”, “Diabetes Awareness Week”, “Multicultural Health Week”, “Carers Week”.

These events also provide an opportunity to target specific community groups and engage with them more specifically. As a result barriers are broken down and better rapports are built. As a result of a Multicultural health event in 2015, a fundraising initiative was developed by the Vietnamese community to raise funds for the Hospital. Fundraising opportunities are always welcomed at Fairfield Hospital and as part of community engagement, local business are approached for support and community development.

In partnership with Multicultural Health, tour programs are organised for our CALD communities on a regular basis to introduce them to the health system and the services at Fairfield Hospital. 

Fairfield Hospital also actively participates in any expos organised through local external agencies whether it promotes Hospital services or Careers.

In 2014, a schools program was implemented with the local schools of Fairfield together with NSW Ambulance Service where the General Manager, the Community Participation Manager and the NSW Ambulance Service present relevant health information to primary students, high school students and the Parent & Community (P&C) Committees.  These presentations promote careers in Health, Hospital Services and Programs and how to access the NSW Ambulance Service.

The introduction of the National Standards (Standard 2 –Partnering with Consumers) for Accreditation has given a strong focus on community and consumer engagement in our hospitals and community services, we welcome and encourage your participation.

To discover more about Fairfield Community Engagement Program and learn how we achieve better health outcomes for the community, visit our Community Events page.

For more information, on how to be part of our community engagement please contact:

Robyn El-Khair (Tuesday & Thursday)
Community Participation Manager
Fairfield Hospital
Cnr Polding St & Prairievale Rd
Prairiewood 2176
Phone: 02 9616 8830
Fax: 02 9616 8240



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