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Dried Blood Spot HIV & Hepatitis C Home Testing

A Dried Blood Spot (DBS) test provides you with the ability to complete a blood test from the privacy of your own home to test for HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV).

It’s free, convenient, effective and confidential.

The DBS test entails a painless finger prick, taking only 5 drops of blood.

It means you can get tested for HIV and/or HCV, even if you don’t like needles, or you don’t have the time to visit a Doctor.

Who can order a DBS kit?

Currently you can order a DBS HIV/HCV test if:

  • You are a man who has sex with other men


  • You are from Africa or Asia or you have (or have had) a sexual partner who is from those regions

How do I order a DBS kit?

For more information and to order your DBS home testing kit, visit:


Always remember that a DBS test does not test for STI’s. Please make sure to attend your GP or Local Sexual Health Clinic for a complete Sexual Health check-up.


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