Admission procedures


You will be admitted to Liverpool Hospital either as an emergency patient, or a booked/elective patient.

Emergency admissions

You may be admitted to Liverpool Hospital after initially receiving treatment in the Emergency Department. If so, the admission procedure will take place once a bed has been made available for you in the Hospital. If there are delays for any reason, rest assured that your treatment will continue and you will be under close observation while you are waiting.

Booked/elective admissions

If you require an urgent surgical procedure, your treating doctor will arrange your surgery on an agreed date, before placing you on a waiting list that is ordered by Clinical Priority Category as determined by the specialist.

Before you arrive, you will receive a Recommendation for Admission Form, which includes a questionnaire to help the anaesthetist assess whether you need any additional tests or a specialised visit to an anaesthetist at a clinic. This information will also determine whether you can be admitted as a 'day-only' patient, or if an overnight stay is required.

It's very important that you follow all instructions on the letter you receive from the Hospital. If you are not able to undergo your surgery at the time arranged, please contact the Admissions and Pre-admissions Department as soon as possible, so alternate arrangements can be made.

Admissions and Pre-admissions Department

Entrance: J - Burnside Drive
Building: Clinical Building
Floor: Ground
Reception: 033
Phone: 02 8738 3857
Car Park: P3


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