Room accommodation

Access to beds in Liverpool Hospital has been improved by allocating patients to rooms according to their clinical needs.

If you are a private patient with single room cover, you will have preferential access to a single room if you request one. Otherwise, single rooms are allocated based on clinical need and you may need to vacate a single room during your stay if it is required for a patient with a greater clinical need.

If you are allocated to a shared room, we have a single-gender bed bay policy, which means you will share a room with other patients of the same gender except in cases where clinical care may otherwise be compromised.

Please talk to your Nurse if you have significant concerns about your room allocation based on religious or cultural grounds.

If you have private Health Insurance and would like to find out more about your benefits, ask your Ward Clerk or Admission staff to put you in contact with the Private Patient Officer.

Find out more about Hospital fees and insurance.


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