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Equity in South West Sydney

The population of South Western Sydney is characterised by its diversity, multiculturalism, rapid growth in new residents and marked increase in the aged cohorts of existing residents. There are significant pockets of disadvantage and associated health need within its communities. While health services aim to treat all people according to need, there are individuals and groups of disadvantaged and vulnerable people who do not access or use health care services due to approachability; acceptability; availability; affordability; and appropriateness. 
The Equity Framework demonstrates our District commitment to ensuring equitable access to high quality patient centred care through four strategic directions:
•  Embedding equity into all facets of the health service
•  Using evidence and equity data to translate into practical implementation
•  Building capacity and developing skills
•  Partnering with our communities and collaborators. 
An accompanying document - Health Equity Toolkit is currently under development and will assist in further understanding and identifying health equity impacts when planning or evaluating health services.
SWSLHD has developed a number of documents that outlines the needs of the community including:


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