Liverpool Hospital
Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine provides functional information which is complementary to the anatomical information provided by Radiology, CT, Ultrasound and MRI.

Our Department performs comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using the state of the art Gamma cameras (scanning device) which includes two GE Discovery SPECT CT installed in 2011 and a Philip’s Skylight Gamma cameras.

Click here for general information on Nuclear Medicine and PET procedures

Below are the commonly-performed Nuclear Medicine diagnostic procedures (Click on each test for general information and patient preparation requirements):

Cardiovascular System
 Myocardial Perfusion (MIBI) scan
Gated Heart Pool Scan (GHPS).
Gastrointestinal System
 Biliary (HIDA).
Gastric Emptying.
Colonic Transit.
RBC Liver.
Pulmonary System
 Lung V/Q.
Skeletal System
Genitourinary System
Renal Perfusion (MAG3 or DTPA).
Renal Cortex (DMSA).
Endocrine System
Lymphatic System
Breast Sentinel Node.
White Blood Cell.
Tumour Imaging
Iodine Total Body Search.

The SPECT CT camera combines functional imaging (SPECT) and anatomical CT imaging in one imaging session with improved diagnostic accuracy.

The Philips SKYLight is a gantry-free Gamma Camera.  It is a unique design which allows detectors to be mounted directly into a room’s structure, creating a gantry-free design.  Unlike conventional floor-mounted gamma camera, the SKYLight provides the flexibility to image the patient in different positions.
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