Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Centre contains a chapel, prayer room, and meditation room to provide spiritual support to patients, families and staff.

The centre is also home to the chaplaincy offices - providing an Anglican Chaplain service Monday to Friday, a Buddhist Chaplain service one day per week and an Islamic Chaplain service four days per week. There is a Roman Catholic volunteer team and Catholic Priests are available on an on call basis.

For additional support, ask your nurse to contact the representative for your faith.

Outdoors, the local Aboriginal community has created a Quiet Dreaming Place, decorated with artworks and water features to allow patients and visitors to draw on nature to find tranquillity and warmth during difficult times.

Pastoral Care Centre

Entrance: J - corner of Lachlan and Hart Streets
Building: Clinical Building
Floor: Level 2, opposite the Intensive Care Unit waiting room
Reception: 232
Lift Core: D
Car park: P3


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