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Aged Care Services

Aged Care (also known as Geriatric Medicine) is an important service within Liverpool Hospital and the local community. It recognises that older patients often have a range of medical and non-medical issues impacting on their health care needs. The best way to provide care is with the knowledge and skills of a range of health care professionals – known as a multidisciplinary team. The team is led by a medical specialist (Geriatrician) and comprises nursing and allied health staff (including Dietician, Neuropsychologist, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Social Worker and Speech Pathologist). Working together, the team assists patients to achieve their maximum level of physical, functional and cognitive potential, whilst promoting positive attitudes towards the care of older patients.

Many of the aged care services are offered within the hospital while others are connected with the hospital but offered in the community or people’s homes. These are explained in the next section of the website. 


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