Going Home

Expected date of discharge

Going HomeWhen you are admitted to Fairfield Hospital, your Doctor will let you know when you can expect to be discharged. This date may change, depending on your condition, so it's important that you discuss this with your Doctor so you can plan any ongoing care that may be required when you get home.

Leaving the Hospital

Your Doctor will help you plan your discharge date as soon as possible, giving you plenty of time to arrange transport and any other needs you may require. On your day of discharge, you should be ready to leave your room by 10:00am. If you need to wait for your carer, paperwork, prescriptions or transport home you may be transferred to the Discharge Lounge. Transferring you to the Discharge Lounge helps other patients to be admitted without delay.

Before you leave hospital you may be given the following:

  • A letter for your GP/referring Doctor
  • Medications/Prescription
  • Instructions and contact details for any follow-up care and appointments you may need

You need to take this paperwork with you to any future appointments that you may have.

You are advised to visit your General Practitioner (GP) as soon as possible following discharge or as advised by the hospital medical team.

Coping at home

If you are concerned about how you may cope when you leave the Hospital, we can refer you to a range of supportive services including Community Nursing, Home Care and Meals on Wheels. To access these services, please talk to your nurse and you will be referred to the appropriate person for review.

We have additional discharge arrangements for Maternity and Children's Ward patients which we will discuss with you when you complete the admission process.



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