Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is the Hospital's peak executive body for issues of organisational direction and leadership, governance, quality work practices, workforce development and business and finance issues. The Leadership Team aims to provide strategic direction and review in these areas and is led by the Fairfield Hospital General Manager.


Paul Crowe
General Manager

The Fairfield Hospital General Manager is responsible for the overall corporate and clinical governance, performance and strategic planning of the facility, reporting to the South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) Chief Executive. The General Manager holds the highest level of delegation at the hospital and is the official spokesperson for the hospital.


Aolele Fuimaono
A/Director, Corporate Services

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for the management of corporate services within the hospital. Such services include administrative support, engineering, cleaning, stores, intra-hospital transport, information technology, security and child care. The role ensures that these services operate within NSW Health, SWSLHD and Fairfield Hospital policies, procedures and resource allocations.


Nikhil Alinkil
A/Director, Finance and Revenue

The Director of Finance and Revenue is responsible for providing effective financial management support to Fairfield Hospital. This includes budget preparation, financial performance monitoring, provision of advice and management and coordination of revenue-related functions within the Hospital.


Sharon May
A/Director, Nursing & Midwifery

The Director of Nursing and Midwifery is responsible for the planning and development needs of the Division of Nursing & Midwifery from a financial, organisational, physical and human resource perspective. The position is also responsible for the management of specialised nursing units such as Infection Control, Patient Flow Unit and Nursing Workforce.


Rachel Anderson
Operational Nursing Manager

The Operational Nurse Manager is responsible for the operational management of Nursing & Midwifery Services at Fairfield Hospital. In addition to the Nursing and Midwifery Unit Managers, Senior Nurse Managers and Senior Clinical Nurses, the Operational Nurse Manager is responsible for the operational management of specialised nursing units, such as after-hours managers and Nursing Workforce.

Dr Harry Doan

Dr Harry Doan
Director, Medical Services

The Fairfield Hospital Director of Medical Services is responsible for the management and administration of Medical Heads of Department and has overall responsibility for medical appointments. This position oversees medical, governance and workforce issues for the hospital and has responsibility for medical and clinical governance advice to the hospital executive.


Bonni Dy
Medical Services Operations Manager

The Medical Services Operations Manager represents and supports the Director of Medical Services with operational and strategic directions relating to the planning and development of medical services including financial, organisational, physical and human resource. The position is responsible for medical administration that coordinates recruitment and placement of Medical Officers, honorary positions, overseas medical officers and Senior Medical Staff appointments.


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