Maternity ServicesMaternity Services

Fairfield Hospital Services include:

Antenatal Care

Our Antenatal Clinic cares for you from the beginning of your pregnancy to delivery. We offer a variety of services as well as shared care programs where our clinic works hand in hand with your local doctor [GP] to provide you quality convenient care during your pregnancy.

At your first visit we gather vital medical histories and details of previous pregnancies. We then provide you with ongoing appointments for review by our midwives, doctors and allied health team.
Further information about Fairfield Hospital's Antenatal Clinic

Birthing Unit

Fairfield Hospital's Birthing Unit offers expectant mums a range of childbirth options. Our midwives work with our doctors to provide you with care and support during your delivery. All care is provided through a collaborative multidisciplinary team consisting of midwives, obstetricians, medical officers, social workers, specialist teams and physicians. We also welcome up to two support people to assist you and share in your special moment.

Fairfield's Birthing Unit also offers External Cephalic Version (ECV) if the baby is breech (coming bottom-first or feet-first rather then head-first). ECV is turning the baby to the head-first position by gently placing pressure on the baby's head and bottom to encourage them to turn.

Location: Level 2
Contact Details: 9616-8260 or 9616-8261

Post-Natal Ward (2D)

Following your delivery we will transfer you and your baby across to our Post-Natal Ward (2D). Here our dedicated team of nurses, doctors and allied health staff will assist, support and care for you and your baby until you are ready to return home.

Location: Level 2
Contact Details: 9616-8242

Special Care Nursery

Fairfield Hospital is equipped with a Special Care Nursery for babies that require close observation or other special attention. Our team of specialised staff provide around the clock individualised care for each of the babies in our Special Care Nursery.

Location: Level 2
Contact Details: 9616-8264 or 9616-8265


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