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Population Health in South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) aims to protect and promote the health of the local population, reduce inequalities in health, and achieve optimal health and wellbeing for all people living in south western Sydney. Our services work with many partners to deliver a comprehensive range of high quality, evidence-based population health services to the residents of SWSLHD. Some of our services aim to help individuals and families adopt healthy behaviours and avoid illness and some of our services aim to create more health promoting physical and social environments.

Population Health is committed to achieving the SWSLHD Vision of Leading care, healthier communitiesStaff in Population Health uphold the SWSLHD CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.


The values on which population health services are based are:

Equity: Promote equity by providing and advocating for accessible, fair and culturally appropriate services

Professionalism: Reflect a professional attitude and provide services with efficiency, impartiality and integrity

Partnerships: Work in partnership with the community to ensure that there is true involvement, at the earliest opportunity, in the planning, delivery and evaluation of population health services

Evidence: Activities will be supported by sound evidence and will contribute to the evidence base

Environmental Sustainability: Activities that promote environmental sustainability

Quality Improvement: Strive for continuous quality improvement

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