Are you worried about a recent change in your condition or of a loved one?

REACH is a dedicated system for patients, their families and carers to raise their worries with staff about changes in a patient’s condition.

You know yourself or the person you care for best and will recognise when something’s not right.

REACH activates for a call out to a separate medical team to review your worries and conduct a clinic review of your health condition.  

STEP 1. If you feel something is not right regarding a patient in our Hospital, first talk to your nurse or doctor.

STEP 2. If they do not help you, ask a nurse in charge or the doctor on duty for a clinical review.
A nurse or a doctor has to come to listen to your worries and check on you or the condition of the person you care for.

STEP 3. If you have followed steps 1 and 2 and are still worried - make a call to your hospital’s REACH line.

REACH numbers at our hospitals:

  • Liverpool hospital: (02) 8738 3004
  • Bankstown-Lidcombe hospital: (02) 9722 8000
  • Campbelltown Hospital: (02) 4634 4059
  • Camden Hospital: (02) 4634 4059
  • Fairfield Hospital: (02) 9616 8111. Tell the operator you want to make a REACH call.
  • Bowral Hospital: (02) 4861 0199

What to say when you make a REACH call:

  • Who you are - a patient, family member or carer
  • That you are making a REACH call
  • The name of the ward
  • The bed number you, or the person you care for, is in
  • Say that you are worried that your health is getting worse or not improving as expected
  • Say that you have spoken to your care team and asked for a clinical review

Who can make a REACH Call?

  • You as the patient
  • A family member of the patient
  • A guardian of the patient
  • A carer

When not to make a REACH Call

  • Complaints and Compliments
  • Any concerns not related to the health condition getting worse or not improving as expected

Will I offend staff if I make a REACH call?

No. We want patients, carers and families to be involved. We want to work together so you or the person you care for has the best possible hospital experience.

Find out more about the Clinical Excellence Commission’s REACH program.

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