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Advance care planning (ACP) can include a number of activities. It might be as simple as having a frank discussion with your family members and/or your doctor about your values and wishes related to your future care.

If there is a need, it might involve you appointing someone as the person who would make decisions for you if you reach a point where you cannot make medical and healthcare decisions for yourself. The process to do this varies in each State but within New South Wales it means appointing someone of your choice as your Enduring Guardian.
ACP might also involve you making a written advance care plan (this may also be called an advance care directive or living will) that provides direction to people who may have to make decisions on your behalf in the future.
ACP may also include situations where a person can no longer make their own decisions, and therefore cannot make their own plans or directives for themselves. In this case, the person’s substitute decisions makers might work with the person’s healthcare team to make plans about their future care based on what they believe the person would have wanted.
See the links below to get either basic information or else more detailed information about advance care planning.
A one-page leaflet introducing the concept of ACP and some of its benefits. This is suitable for general distribution – such as in GP surgeries, community organisations, hospitals or residential care facilities.
A four-page brochure that provides a more detailed introduction to many of the issues involved in ACP. This is suitable for members of the public who express an interest in finding out a bit more about ACP.
This page outlines some key issues about documenting your wishes and has forms developed as part of the My Wishes program.
To get more detailed information about issues such as Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship, substitute decision making and other ACP programs, go to Further Information
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