Quality & Safety Team

The Quality & Safety Team is responsible for facilitating the Quality, Safety and Risks Management Systems within Fairfield Hospital. The Team is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and improving various clinical and business processes throughout Fairfield Hospital.
The Quality & Safety Team consists of the:

  • Community Participation Manager
  • Patient Liaison Manager
  • Patient Safety Manager
  • Quality & Accreditation Manager
  • Workplace Health & Safety Manager

Ms Robyn El-Khair
Community Participation Manager

The Community Participation (CP) Manager together with the Community Participation Network exists to address health issues and problems through social policy, legislation and the public engagement in health planning.

Community Participation is the involvement of consumers and carers in decisions about individual health care as well as the involvement of consumers and communities in decisions about the provision of health care services. Building dialogue and partnership with the wider Fairfield community to inform about the services and programs offered at the hospital is the role of the Community Participation Manager.

The Fairfield Hospital Community Participation Manager is responsible for:

  • Facilitation of consumer networks and coordination of consumer participation program
  • Attending social and community organisations to promote Fairfield Hospital, its services and the Community Participation Network.
  • Coordinating the Patient/Carer Experience program within Fairfield Hospital to identify improvement initiatives.
  • The development and distribution of a monthly facility newsletter that informs staff and the community about services and programs that are relevant to Fairfield hospital staff, patients and carers and the community.
  • Participating in relevant health promotion activities that are relevant to the community such as "Seniors Week", "Close the Gap", "April Falls Week", "World Hygiene Day", "Refugee Week", "NAIDOC Week", "Diabetes Awareness Week", "Multicultural Health Week" and "Carers Week".

Ms Nadia Nocera
Patient Liaison Manager

The Patient Liaison Manager (PLM) reports to the General Manager but also works in close associated with other Leadership Team Members. The PLM has to communicate effectively and collaborate with others to promote the management of complaints fairly, equitably and without bias, with the promotion of the rights and responsibilities of patients and promote transparency and openness.

The Fairfield Hospital Patient Liaison Manager is responsible for:

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Facilitating communication between patients/carers and clinical staff.
  • Coordinating the complaints management system within Fairfield Hospital.
  • Collating the compliment data for Fairfield Hospital

Ms Sibusisiwe 'Teckler' Matutu
Patient Safety Manager

The Fairfield Hospital Patient Safety Manager's (PSM) position is attached to the Nursing and Midwifery Service of Fairfield Hospital directly reporting to the Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services, but it also has a reporting line to both the General Manager and the Medical Superintendent. The PSM has to communicate effectively and collaborate with others to ensure patient safety systems are in place and promote the management of clinical incidents fairly, equitably and without bias, with the promotion of the rights and responsibilities of patients and promote transparency and openness.

The Patient Safety Manager is responsible for:

  • Surveillance of the Incident Information Management System (IIMS).
  • Coordinating and facilitating Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for all Severity Assessment Code (SAC) 1 incidents and coordinating SAC 2 investigations in collaboration with the SWSLHD Clinical Governance Unit.
  • Acting as a resource person to support staff with incident reporting, investigation and management as well as provide leadership and education as required.
  • Coordinating the safety alerts and product recalls by dissemination, reports, maintaining records, actions taken and providing feedback as required. 
  • Facilitating the implementation of various patient safety projects (e.g. Between the Flags and National Infusion Labelling Projects).
  • Auditing of various clinical processes / procedures, (e.g. Intravenous Cannula Audits, Point prevalence audit for the management of pressure injuries).

Ms Maria Pron
Quality and Accreditation Manager

The Quality & Accreditation Manager (QAM) coordinates and manages the Quality, Risk and ACHS accreditation management systems and activities at Fairfield Hospital.

The Fairfield Hospital Quality and Accreditation Manager is responsible for:

  • Facilitation of the ACSQHC / ACHS National Standards Accreditation processes
  • Coordination of the Quality Improvement and Annual Audit Program
  • Coordination of the Risk Management Program
  • Coordination of the Policy and Procedure Framework System
  • Acting as the eMR Clinical Informatics Liaison Officer, in this role the QAM, assists in the implementation of eMR projects at Fairfield Hospital.
  • Maintenance of Fairfield Hospital Intranet & Internet Pages

Ms Cveta Andary
Work Health Safety Emergency Disaster Manager

The Work Health Safety (WHS) Emergency Disaster Manager coordinates the WHS management systems and Emergency Management activities at Fairfield Hospital. The WHS Emergency Disaster Manager provides leadership, guidance and advice on principles and practices through strategic and operational planning and co-ordination of activities involving systematic implementation of the WHS systems and the SWSLHD HealthPlan and NSW HealthPlan.

The Fairfield Hospital WHS Emergency Disaster Manager is responsible for:

  • Facilitation and coordination of the NSW Ministry of Health WHS Audit
  • Developing and promote health safety and wellbeing information and programs
  • Reviewing reported incidents, where required report to governing bodies and conduct incident investigation
  • Developing initiatives that reduce injury severity and risk
  • Providing and/or coordinating a range of mandatory and tailored WHS and Emergency Disaster training programs
  • Developing and reviewing the Emergency Disaster Plans - Business Continuity and Emergency Response Plans
  • Managing the disaster and emergency management activities within the facility
  • Represent Fairfield Hospital at Government Agency Meetings for Emergency Disaster Management


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