Youth Health Services

SWSLHD Youth Health Services aim to improve the health status and reduce the health disadvantage of marginalised and at risk young people through fairer access and equitable service delivery and through the provision of developmentally appropriate services. There are three Youth Health Service sites in SWSLHD:

  • Bankstown Youth Health Service (The Corner)
  • Fairfield/Liverpool Youth Health Service (FLYHT) at Carramar
  • Campbelltown Youth Health Service (Traxside)

SWSLHD Youth Health Services are multidisciplinary primary health care services for marginalised and at risk young people. This includes young people 12 to 24 years who are living, working and/or attending schools within the SWSLHD boundaries. The primary focus however, will be on young people 12 to 21 years. Specific sub-groups of young people are prioritised, including:

  • High need culturally and linguistically diverse young people, specifically newly arrived and refugee young people
  • Homeless young people (including young people in refuges and temporary accommodation)
  • Aboriginal young people
  • Young carers
  • Young parents
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people
  • Young people experiencing economic disadvantage and/or from areas/places of significant socio-economic disadvantage
  • Young people from rural areas
  • Young people in out-of-home care and/or in the care of other government departments
  • Have a chronic illness and/or disability

Priority health issues that will guide service delivery and program development include:

  • Chronic Illness and Disability
  • Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol
  • Self- Harm and Injury
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Oral Health
  • Sexual and reproductive Health

Youth Health Services are committed to providing where possible, holistic services which are flexible, affordable, relevant and responsive. Services provide both a 'one-stop shop' through an integrated multidisciplinary team, along with creating clinical pathways to specialist services and general practice. Services include:

  • Bio-psychosocial client assessment
  • Case management, coordination and follow-up (for health related issues)
  • Individual client counselling  (we do not offer counselling with family or significant other)
  • Nursing services: pregnancy testing and information, sexual and reproductive health checks, immunisation, vision and hearing checks
  • Medical services: general and developmental health checks
  • (we do not offer allied health services)Assistance for young clients 21-24 years in their transition to adult services
  • Health education and promotion programs
  • Therapeutic and support groups
  • Development of clinical pathways to specialist clinical services and general practice
  • Referral services and support to access mainstream health services
  • Advocacy
  • Secondary Needle Syringe exchange Program
  • Capacity building of government, non-government and community-based services
  • Community development


Bankstown Youth Health Service (The Corner)

Fairfield/Liverpool Youth Health Service (FLYHT) at Carramar

Campbelltown Youth Health Service (Traxside)


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