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All CLIN Libraries provide a Literature Search Service to support evidence-based patient care, work-related research, education and professional development.

Who can use this service? Is there a cost?

This service is available to all employees of South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) and affiliated researchers. This service is provided at no cost.

If you are undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate course/study please make an appointment with your local CLIN Librarian, who will support you with Library Education sessions and/or individualised search assistance. We do not complete your assignment search for you.

How long will it take and how can I place a search request?

Search requests may take up to 10 business days to complete depending on the complexity of the search. Priority is given to searches for direct patient care. We may need to negotiate your "date required by" based on other search requests received or forward your request to another CLIN Librarian to meet your deadline.

Requests can be submitted in person by completing a form at your local CLIN Library or by completing the Literature Search Request Form below.

How will I receive my search results?

We will create a search strategy or strategies based on the information provided to us. Search citation results are emailed as an MS Word document or an EndNote Library. Results may be also saved to a flash drive supplied by you. Key search terms and/or database search strategies will be emailed with the search citation results.

Full text journal articles may be requested through your CLIN Library's Document Delivery Service, using the Journal Article Request Form or requested directly from some databases.

What is EndNote?

EndNote helps you collect and store all the references that you have found from different sources. You can use your EndNote library to create bibliographies in MS Word documents and reformat them into your chosen referencing style.

EndNote X8 is now available on CLIN Libraries PCs for Hospital staff and students to access!

Research Assistance

literature search

The CLIN Libraries offer research support to staff and students. Library involvement at the initial stage of your project is critical and will contribute to the quality of your research. Contact us to make an appointment.

Clinical Library staff are available to assist with resources and education to:
  • formulate your research question
  • select relevant databases and resources
  • develop search strategies
  • review and refine your search topic
  • use EndNote reference management
  • locate full-text articles

If you are completing a search for a Systematic Review or Scoping Review, we provide support in the form of research consultations.

Library Staff can assist you with literature search assistance if you require assignment help or prefer to do your own searching.

Please bring:
  • a copy of your research question that clearly outlines concepts.
  • relevant copies of citations or papers relating to your research topic.

If you have any questions or to make an appointment please contact your local CLIN Library.
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