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Campbelltown, Camden and Bowral Hospitals
Campbelltown Departmental

The Libraries at Campbelltown and Bowral provide a prompt acquisitions service to purchase resources for departments at Campbelltown and Bowral Hospitals, and for Community and Mental Health Centres within the Macarthur/Bowral area.

How do I make a request?

A form needs to be completed which must include the department cost code and the signature of the Cost Centre Manager. The form is then scanned and returned to the Macarthur Clinical Library for processing.

An email with the cost of the item will be sent to the Cost Centre Manager for approval, the item will then be ordered by the Library Team. On arrival the item may be sent through the internal mail or collected from the Library.

To have this form sent please email the Macarthur Clinical Library

Bankstown, Fairfield & Liverpool Hospitals
clin department

Your Local CLIN Library provides a prompt acquisition service for books, journals, audio-visual materials and online resources for departments and local Community Health Centres, which takes advantage of any available Library discounts.

How do I make a request?

Please contact the Library for a local price and availability information. If required, complete an S1 Internal Requisition form, signed by your Cost Centre Manager and including your cost centre code. The S1 form should be forwarded in person or by email to the Library Manager, who will place your order. You will have the ability to check the Library Online Catalogue for the progress of your order. Library staff will catalogue the material upon receipt and notify you when the material is available for collection.

(No Departmental Purchase Form Required - S1 Internal Requisition Form only)
suggestion to purchase

We welcome suggestions from staff and students for books and other items to be purchased for your CLIN Libraries' Collections. All suggestions will be considered in accordance with the CLIN Libraries' Collection Development Policy and available funding.

How do I make a request?

Before submitting a recommendation, you may wish to check the Library Online Catalogue to see if the item is already held, or has been placed on order.

Once your suggested resource has arrived, you will be sent an automatic email alert notifying you that the resource is ready for borrowing from your local CLIN Library.

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