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Leadership and Workforce Development Team
Heath Burton

Heath Burton - Workforce Educator, Ngara Education Centre
Hyllus Munro

Hyllus Munro - Workforce Educator / Respecting the Difference, Ngara Education Centre
Phone: 0447 109636
Jyoti Khanvilkar

Jyoti Khanvilkar - LMS Administrator / Workforce Educator, Ngara Education Centre
Karen Westwood

Karen Westwood - Nurse Educator, Ngara Education Centre
Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell - Workforce Educator, Ngara Education Centre
Merridy Gina

Merridy Gina - Workforce Educator, Ngara Education Centre
Robyn Gilmour

Robyn Gilmour - Workforce Educator / Work Health Safety & VPM, Fairfield Hospital
Shayne Small

Shayne Small - Senior Workforce Consultant, Macarthur Clinical School
Shirley Magua

Shirley Magua - Nurse Educator, Macarthur Clinical School
Yola Karam

Yola Karam - Workforce Educator, Bankstown Hospital

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