Student Clinical Placement Unit

The staff of South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) are committed to ensuring you are provided with the learning opportunities necessary to develop the professional and clinical skills required by your undergraduate or post graduate program. 

The role of the Student Clinical Placement Unit (SCPU) is to process and administer clinical placement requests within the District; to develop, apply and monitor business rules underpinning placements such as NSW Health governing policies and procedures.  It is also the role of the Manager to identify new clinical placement opportunities and to coordinate clinical placement processes on behalf of staff responsible for the supervision of students.

SWSLHD Student Clinical Placement Unit, in partnership with local facility placement coordinators, will process all clinical placement requests and liaise between Directors (and their staff), Universities and other Education Providers.  Should issues arise during a clinical placement that affect students, University Staff, Health District staff or patient care, the issue should be lodged locally and/or with the Student Clinical Placement Unit Manager.  If necessary, the issue will be escalated and action taken as required.


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