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GovernanceThere are six Professional Development Categories (PDCs) that define the area of expertise a course may cover.  The SWSCEWD recognises that career and learning pathways are unique to the individual and the PDCs provide a range of courses which allow the tailoring of those pathways.

The PDCs aim to more clearly illustrate an education framework that supports the key functions of the health workforce.

Cannulation and Venepuncture

TYE Leadership Program

Competency training for research and clinical trials




Courses within this PDC enable staff to continue to provide a safe and a high quality professional service and environment to individuals, their families, the community and the workforce.  Sub groups under this PDC include clinical governance, quality and work health safety.

People, Culture and Values

People, Culture and Values

Courses within this PDC are designed to provide support and professional development for staff in the areas of customer service, communication skills and working with a culturally and linguistically diverse population.


Courses under this PDC are designed to develop, empower and transform today’s managers into tomorrow’s leaders.  The courses provide the necessary knowledge skills and attributes required to develop an efficient and skilled workforce while promoting a culture of high performance.



Courses within this PDC incorporate the CORE Values and best practice methodology.  They are designed to provide support and professional development for current and emerging managers.
Education, Research and Innovation

Education, Research and Innovation

Courses within this PDC cover areas of research, education and training and equip staff with the necessary skills to showcase their achievements.
Workforce Skills

Workforce Skills

Courses within this PDC aim to provide foundational and advanced workplace knowledge and skills critical to ensuring the safest and highest level of person centred care is provided at all times. This PDC has the following sub groups:

  1. Administration
  2. Aged Care, Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation
  3. Allied Health
  4. Cardiovascular
  5. Communication
  6. Critical Care
  7. General Clinical
  8. Mental Health
  9. Women’s and Children’s Health


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