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EOI - Cancer Services Excercise Program

Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment and those who have completed treatment, have specific ongoing needs that are best addressed in a comprehensive Cancer Wellness Centre.

Our Wellness Centre Program aims to provide a supportive environment to empower cancer patients and their carers to maximise their wellness potential based on their individual capacity and their needs. They are designed to assist patients in achieving their best treatment outcome and to assist in their return to community based programs and primary care. These programs provide support, education and therapies to assist mind, body & soul.


How do I access programs?



Keeping Well

Keeping Well


John Richard Kuhlmann Wellness Centre
Level , Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre
Liverpool Hospital
Cnr Campbell & Goulburn Streets

Enquiries: Ph 02 8738 9853

Complementary Therapy Room
Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre
Campbelltown Hospital
Therry Road

Enquiries: Ph 02 8738 9853

Cancer Wellness Centre


We acknowledge that our wellness hubs need to expand and become stand-alone wellness centres. So we are embarking on a partnership with our local communities at Liverpool and in Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly to raise the money to build two special purpose wellness centres. One is being located at Camden, the other at Liverpool

Read about our brand new Cancer Wellness and Survivorship Programme
Wellness and Survivorship Programme

To find out more on how you might help us with this exciting new venture click here



Therapies and programs:

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